FSY Bidder Registration instructions:

  1. On the home page of Frontier Stockyards.  In the left hand column is a list of all of the recourses for our website.
  2. Scroll down to the item Bidder Registration – Click.
  3. Click here to register for a buyers number for our static auctions – Click.
  4. Now you are on the form where you can submit all of your account information.
  5. Individuals do not need to fill in Ranch Name field.
  6. Follow the instructions at the top of the page in regards to creating a password.
  7. The meter underneath the password box will tell you if your password is accepted.
  8. At the bottom of the form, check agree to terms.
  9. Terms and Conditions listed in main resources under FSY Terms and Conditions.
  10. Click the Submit Button.
  11. We will receive your application for approval.
  12. When your application has been approved You will receive an email with you bidders number and password.
  13. If you do not receive an email, call Frontier Stockyards 866-621-5546.
  14. Make note of this information as you will need this to login to bid on the auction.